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Online Legal Services

To get the chosen service, you need to follow three consecutive steps:


Please fill out the required fields and click on the “Send” button. You will receive an automatic email reply, containing information about the next steps.


Once you have received more information about the terms of our service, please select one of the available payment methods and pay the sum, contained in the offer.


All documents, legal statements, as well as the issued electronic invoices, will be delivered via e-mail. Should an online consultation be necessary, we can organize a Zoom/Viber/Skype call.

Most Requested Services

Website legal audit

Online business is regulated by the special Bulgarian and European laws.
The controlling authorities can impose fines for failure to meet legal requirements to online service providers. The legal audit of an website answers the question: does my website satisfy all requirements of the law? and provides guidance on how to meet these requirements.

General Terms

E-shops and every web site that offers online services must have terms for services and privacy policy that govern relationships with consumers. Professionally drafted legal texts in the website can add additional prestige of your site.


Most disputes between website developers and customers happened due to bad contracts or the complete lack of a written contract between them clearly describing what is agreed between parties and defining the limits of responsibility of each party.


Using a domain with the same or similar name of the registered mark is a violation of the rights of the mark and may be lost domain. Additionally, the trade mark owner may claim damages for loss of use of his mark on the basis of revenue generated online.
Further, It is useful to examine whether the chosen brand name is available and not yet used by other entity or it is dangerously close to a registered trademark.


Very often, authors of photographs, texts and other copyrighted content become victims of unauthorized use of their works on the Internet. No matter whether it is done offline or online, each use of a work without the author’s consent, constitutes a copyright infringement that should be ceased and the authors should be fairly compensated.

Online consultations

We provide online consultations via Skype to our customers anywhere in the world. These services are preferred and sought for the chance to get a quick professional advice immediately and at a lower cost.


If the required legal service is not among the above, briefly describe what consultation or document you need. You will receive an answer to your inquiry with an offer and the execution deadline. Additional clarifications can be done via phone or email.

Offline Services

If you prefer meeting in our office with a cup of coffee, book an appointment by sending email or via phone call. If necessary, the meeting may be held in the customer’s office.


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