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“The modern lawyer faces up to huge challenges today, under the conditions
of super dynamic and hyper- technological economy.

Digital millennium created new branches of the law governing virtual existence
of people and requiring professional legal advice.

The confidence between lawyer and customer remains the only constant value in the profession.”

Attorney-at-law, Legal & Business Consultant
Founder | 1Legal.Net

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Jenny Gancheva
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You have a legal issue or look for long-term legal support for your business? You are in the right place.


Creating a comfortable environment for customers with results-oriented legal services and business solutions.


Excellent knowledge of the technology industry to provide professional and effective legal services.


Internet law attorney | Business consultant | European trademark and design attorney | Master of Law at Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski | Member of Sofia Bar Association | Author of articles in legal journals and online media | Speaker in seminars of e-business and in forums on technology and innovations.

Fast growing online services and business ventures on the Internet
require a strong professional support with legal and business advice
for all participants in the new digital ecosystem.


Practice Areas

Internet Law

Internet Law

The digital ecosystem has generated novel legal issues and challenges.

Business Law

Business Law

Commercial laws establish the rules that all businesses should follow.

Contract Law

Contract Law

Contract law determines when promises are enforceable.

IP Law

IP Law

Protecting and monetizing ideas requires professional advice.

Competition Law

Competition Law

The law of competition has become increasingly important.

Monthly Retainer Services

Monthly Retainer Services

The monthly retainer agreement provides certainty at a reasonable price.

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Frequently asked questions

The solution to the most complex business issues begins with professional consultation.


I work with the most complicated issues and cases related to use of Internet and intellectual property protection.

If you are an owner of an e-shop or service platform, an online entrepreneur, a software company, a startup, or a business with an innovative idea, an advertising or marketing specialist, an artist, an author, or a web enthusiast, you can rely on my advice and legal services.

Consulting and helping my clients is not just a job, but inspiring mission.

1. What should I know before start an online business?

According to data reported in the European Parliament resolution of 5 February 2009 on International Trade and the Internet (2008/2204 (INI), one out of three EU citizens conducts online purchases. This figure has increased significantly not only in Europe but also globally as a result of the general trend of steadily increasing the number and type of products and services offered via Internet. Read more

2. How I can preserve my innovative business idea from stealing?

The development of an innovation project is related to the creation of intangible assets, the value of which can grow incredibly on successful realization in the market. In order to retain control over the realization and monetization of the business idea, startups must first identify and analyze all existing intangible assets that are subject to protection as objects of intellectual property. Read more

3. Do I want a lawyer to review a website agreement before I commission development of a site?

Due to its specific subject, the website development agreements deserves special attention. The legal notes below point out some main issues that must be incorporated in its content. Read more

4. What are the legal requirements to e-shop?

No matter whether enlarges the existing e–commerce or starts a band new business in internet, the online entrepreneur must have a panoramic perspective over the legal framework and detailed look over the traditional and specific legal issues of internet law. Read more

5. Does a mobile app need Terms of use?

Just as much as they are mandatory for any website that “provides information society services”. Mobile application for online services must contain in a written form the Terms under which services are provided as well as the rules for the collection, processing and protection of personal data and use of cookies. Read more

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