Online Business

Starting online business involves making informed decisions on key legal issues as well as considering some specific for the Internet business itself. The success of a business venture

Why is Privacy Policy so important?

Online entrepreneurs know very well- THE BUSINESS IN THE INTERNET IS RELATED TO MORE OBLIGATIONS AND LIABILITIES THAN IN THE OFFLINE REALITY. Legislative requirements towards e-business are growing exponentially over the main,

Seven key legal issues in the e-commerce

No matter whether enlarges the existing e–commerce or starts a band new business in internet, the online entrepreneur must have a panoramic perspective over the legal framework and detailed look

Internet and the Law

Information, knowledge and culture are vital for the human freedom and human development. The greatest value of internet – the access to information and knowledge has turned into the biggest

Google’s new Privacy Policy

New Google’s Privacy Policy is in force from March 1st, 2012. Users were provided with clear and detailed guidance regarding applying of new data privacy rules. The texts are published