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Trademark infringement in keywords advertising

The use of keywords as marketing tool has become a crucial factor for the successful promotion of business online. Google’s paid referencing service ‘AdWords’ is not only a source of revenue in the billions of dollars but recently becomes the subject of debate in litigation. Keyword advertising may violate trademark rights The Court of Justice of EU with regard to preliminary ruling (Case C-558/08 Portakabin vs.Primacabin) in its judgment defines when the use of trademark within the internet referencing service as a

Why is Privacy Policy so important?

Online entrepreneurs know very well- THE BUSINESS IN THE INTERNET IS RELATED TO MORE OBLIGATIONS AND LIABILITIES THAN IN THE OFFLINE REALITY. Legislative requirements towards e-business are growing exponentially over the main, growing menace in Internet called data security. The confidentiality of personal data and the control over the access and disclosure are key issues for both consumers and vendors of e-services and online sales. Every online entrepreneur must know that consumers are very sensitive in all matters affecting their personal data

Videogames – this lunar landscape of the law

The video games business is one of the most expanding one in the world economy. We are not surprised it’s almost untouched by the crisis.The video game is a compound term for console, offline games and online computer games, mobile games, etc. These are one of the most complex computer technology applications. For example, a contemporary game contains of 3D software, artificial intelligence, strategy, digital sound effects, original musical tunes and some gadgets like joysticks, game pads, even wheels. The growth