Seven key legal issues in the e-commerce

No matter whether enlarges the existing e–commerce or starts a band new business in internet, the online entrepreneur must have a panoramic perspective over the legal framework and detailed look over the traditional and specific legal issues of internet law. The creation of a website is neither the beginning nor the end of the chain of questions for consideration and resolving. The website is only the shop window of the business. This article does not describe comprehensively all legal aspects of

Nutrition supplements e-commerce is at the edge of the law

The online selling of food nutritional supplements and most of all of dietetic foodstuffs is a field with growth prospects which is increasing constantly. The Nutrition Business Journal forecasts the sales profit for 2017 in USA reach more than 3 billion dollars. The online selling of food nutritional supplements and most of all of dietetic foodstuffs is a field with growth prospects which is increasing constantly. The Nutrition Business Journal forecasts the sales profit for 2017 in USA reach more than

Internet and the Law

Information, knowledge and culture are vital for the human freedom and human development. The greatest value of internet – the access to information and knowledge has turned into the biggest challenge for the contemporary law. Many people mistakenly believe that internet is an essentially free zone, terra nullius , but the truth is that the significant part of the information recourses and the content belongs to and is controlled by companies, governments, organizations or is a property of individuals ,

Non-disclosure agreements (NDA) protect your business

The best way to protect your ideas is to keep them secret Every happy business story has a secret to the path to success. If this Is the secret ingredient in sandwiches that you sell successfully, or the way you put together the elements in the built construction objects, or is it a formula for a new drug which is about to be patented, or teaching method with proven effectiveness, it is undeniable that these small or big secrets are the

Google’s new Privacy Policy

New Google’s Privacy Policy is in force from March 1st, 2012. Users were provided with clear and detailed guidance regarding applying of new data privacy rules. The texts are published in Bulgarian – Rules and principles / Privacy Policy, see here: https://www.google.bg/intl/bg/policies/privacy/. The most valuable of these rules, also called “Privacy Policy for Google”, are not so much the rules themselves. They are just legal texts synchronized with the new requirements of European legislation for protecting consumers and their legitimate

Staff leasing is fully regulated with the latest changes in the Bulgarian Labor Code

Temporary employment is a solution of a variety of operational problems associated with the workforce you needed to achieve your current and future business objectives. The necessity of rapid response upon increasing or decreasing the volume of work, or in seasonal activities or upon expanding portfolio of products and services has created a new kind of intermediary services, known as Staff Leasing. The number of companies providing these services has recently increased, following the trend of growth of temporary employment

Key issues in the website development agreement

Agreements are at the heart of every business. Unfortunately, many conduct their business without written contracts or sign contracts that freely circulate in forums, downloaded from the web, copied from somewhere,documents from known and unknown sources. This documentary confection used in contracts, often costing both sides costly cases, loss of trust and destruction of established business relations. Due to its specific subject, the website development agreements deserves special attention. The legal notes below point out some main issues that must

Challenges of e-commerce

According to data reported in the European Parliament resolution of 5 February 2009 on International Trade and the Internet (2008/2204 (INI), one out of three EU citizens conducts online purchases. This figure has increased significantly not only in Europe but also globally as a result of the general trend of steadily increasing the number and type of products and services offered via Internet. Often the law remains breathless while struggling to catch up and implement adequate laws covering rapidly developing sectors

Intellectual property protection in the Internet

Due to its digital nature, the whole Internet content (texts, images, audio and video materials) is extremely accessible and easy to copy. The copy and the original are identical in this binary environment. The biggest advantage of Internet, easy and fast dissemination to millions of users, turned into the most serious problem of IP protection. Some traditional means of legal protection in offline conditions are completely applicable in particular areas but in other areas they are inadequate for the online

The 10 most common mistakes on starting new business

Some say: BUSINESS IS A GAME. You will win or lose individual hands, but it’s what happens in the long term that matters. To avoid the disappointments during the game “Business”, here are ‘The 10 Most Common Mistakes on starting new busines’ Mistake #1 Failure to spend enough time researching the business idea Spend more time working on your business plan, which should include: research on your target market (demographics), your marketing plan, your financial projections, your business strategy, knowledge of a legal